We provide Aluminum Recycling Service Recycling of all forms & alloys. Including but not limited to Aluminum Recycling of 5051, 6061 & 6063 alloys. Other forms of aluminum scrap include: wheels, litho sheet, extrusion, window framing & more. Also,  Aluminum Recycling of other forms including shop turnings/chips, solids, cut offs, rejects etc.


We provide brass recycling service of all forms & alloys. Which includes brass recycling of yellow brass, red brass, rod brass, aluminum bronze & others such as radiatiors, fired bullet shells, valves, water meters etc. We recycle other forms including shop turnings/chips, solids, cut offs, rejects etc.


We provide carbide recycling  processing  a wide range of carbide scrap.  including but not limited to carbide inserts, drills, carbide end mills, plasma powder, sputter target, sludge, dust and any other scrap carbide form such as Tungsten! We Buy It All!



We provide copper recycling service of all forms & alloys. We provide copper recycling of #1 copper wire, #2 copper wire, copper buss bar, copper tubing, copper sputter target etc.  Other forms including shop turnings/chips, slag, solids, cut offs, rejects & more!



scrap alloy recycling of your basic scrap alloy such as: scrap inconel, scrap monel, scrap hastelloy, incoloy etc. We provide scrap alloy recycling of all high temp nickel alloy such as: Inconel Hastelloy, Monel, & all other high temp alloy scrap. also alloy scrap of turbine engine/parts recycling, sputter target, process equipment such as alloy pressure vessels, heat exchangers, valves, demethanizers, tanks & more. We also offer precious metals recycling. Call us today!