About Us



All Retired Metals Recycling was founded & born on the idea & principle of "Always look ahead for lifes "FUTURE" and not its "END." Value is more often obtained by what things can be and not what it may appear to be to some.

What others may see as "OLD" Buddy sees as "NEW." A "NEW" life is in "YOUR" hands. And so it is with All "Retired" Metals when you practice Recycling both the "Old" & "New".


 As a Senior Buyer of All types of Metals from Ferrous Metals like Steel, Carbon, Cast Iron, Pig Iron, Tin, Tool Steels and more or Non Ferrous Metals of All types. Including but not limited to Low & High Alloys, or Precious Metals. Also, all types of electronic (ESrap) & Catalytic Converters. Please review our "Metals" page for products and answers about your particular metals. 

For GUARANTEED" weights at Your door, give "A.R.M.R. - ON" a call and ask for "BUDDY."


 Buddy is a Senior Buyer you can trust. We pay Cash, Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer your Preference. We have available as permenant or temporary service a full line of Roll Offs, Bins, Totes, Gaylord Boxes and Barrels for all our Customers. Industrial, Commercial, Contractors Contractors in Oklahoma, out of state contractors or Individuals are equally appreciated & service is available to all. We are open to the Public. CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT TODAY!